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"Sometimes you just have to take a stand on what's going on . . . and we have for thirty years" Phil Morris

Over 150,000 have already joined with us. Thousands are reached each week. Our purpose is to educate and inform others about the Miracle and Blessing of America. Unfortunately, Godless Humanism and Progressivism have distorted and attempted to remove the historical facts surrounding the Christian Foundation upon which America, our Culture, our Values, our Economic System, and our Governmental System were built. Drop us an email to join with us.

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Consumer Advocate, Insurance Agency Owner, Job Creator for over 25 years.

We believe the Moral and Ethical decline that has affected Government and Business is a result of the failure of Believers in God take a stand, become involved, and retake America for the vast majority of Americans who DO NOT support the anti-American, Globalist, Godless, Communist, Socialist, Humanists who are embedded in our Government, Education, and the Press.

Consumer Advocate, Owner, Manager, Job Creator, in the Security Industry since 1999 and the Energy Industry since 2001.

Contacted the Private Security Bureau in Texas and Apollo Global, owner of ADT and Protection One Security, regarding their tendency to mislead consumers by falsely advertising that the companies were GIVING AWAY FREE  Security Systems valued at $800 - $1200 when in fact the companies were collecting the equipment costs via increased monthly fees through a 3-5 year contract. Both companies changed their advertising and came into compliance with numerous other violations of regulations.

Consumer Advocate:

Testified against the Prudential Life Insurance and Prudential Property and Casualty Companies for their illegal activities which led to fines in Texas of $2 million and $175k and Nationwide Restitution in excess of $2,000,000,000 (2 Billion Dollars)

Consumer Advocate

When Prudential Insurance Companies used their wealth, power, and influence by filing a court case against all of their Property & Casualty Specialists in an attempt to PIRATE AWAY their businesses which had been built-up over many years OUTSIDE of Prudential, our group of agents was successful in preventing this injustice. Also contacted the Texas Attorney General regarding the TDI failing to properly regulate the insurance companies and collusion between the Insurance Companies and their Regulators at the TDI.


"You know, every year over 1500 people disappear off the face of the earth in this country and Phil Morris better think twice about bringing any law suit against The Prudential."

The Retail Energy Business in Texas … especially TXU:

We believe that the practice of advertising that Energy Providers in Texas are giving away 'Free Weekends.' 'Free Seasons,' 'Free Nights,' when consumers purchase electricity from their companies is misleading in that these companies INCREASE the cost of energy for the non-discounted periods to a rate that is HIGHER than the rates for plans not DISCOUNTED. 

See More About TXU Energy

Phil Morris, Consumer Advocate

Coached youth sports for many years.

Excelled at baseball and wrestling.

In 1987, Phil Morris owned and operated his Insurance Company in Richardson, Texas. At the time, a major political crisis was taking place similar to what is now taking place in 2018. The issue had to do with Separation of Powers between Congress & the President. At this time, Russia was off-loading military equipment in Nicaragua for the purpose of establishing a base in Central America.

This of course was before Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North worked in the NSA, National Security Agency. Congress held "hearings" on what became called the "Iran / Contra Hearings" as president Reagan & Congress battled over who had the authority to do what. Phil wrote numerous full page ads expressing his view on the issues, tens of thousands of people responded, and a presentation of "Oliver North's Slide Show" of ariel photos of what Russia was doing was attended by 1500+  in Richardson. Phil later served as a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention.

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