In 1987, Phil Morris owned and operated his Insurance Company in Richardson, Texas. At the time, a major political crisis was taking place similar to what is now taking place in 2018. The issue had to do with Separation of Powers between Congress & the President. Russia was off-loading military equipment in Nicaragua for the purpose of establishing a base in Central America.

This was of course before Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North worked in the NSA, National Security Agency. Congress held "hearings" on what became called the "Iran / Contra Hearings" as president Reagan & Congress battled over who had the authority to do what. Phil wrote numerous full page ads expressing his view on the issues, tens of thousands of people responded, and a presentation of "Oliver North's Slide Show" of ariel photos of what Russia was doing was attended by 1500+  in Richardson. Phil later served as a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention.

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"Sometimes you just have to take a stand on what's going on . . . and we have for thirty years" Phil Morris

Over 150,000 have already joined with us. Thousands are reached each week through Social Media, our Website, and personal contact. Our purpose is to educate and inform others about the Miracle and Blessing of America, Politically and Spiritually. We are to "render unto Caesar & unto God." (Both, and not only monetarily) 

Unfortunately, while many Christians have removed themselves from political debate and service, Godless Humanism and Progressivism have distorted and attempted to remove the historical facts surrounding the Christian Foundation upon which America, our Culture, our Values, our Economic System, and our Governmental System were built. Drop us an email to join with us.

"If we are a Nation built on the knowledge that our basic RIGHTS of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness come from our Creator God, how can we expect success if we allow our Nation to be governed by Godless people?' - Phil

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