.... is a continuation of Obama’s statement to 

“Fundamentally Change America. “

The “Rules For Radicals” & “Cloward / Piven” is their method. 


In 1987, Phil Morris owned and operated his Insurance Company in Richardson, Texas. At the time, a major political crisis was taking place similar to what is now taking place in 2018. 

The issue had to do with Separation of Powers between Congress & the President. Russia was off-loading military equipment in Nicaragua for the purpose of establishing a base in Central America. This was of course before Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North worked in the NSA, National Security Agency. Congress held "hearings" on what became called the "Iran / Contra Hearings" as president Reagan & Congress battled over who had the authority to do what. 

Phil wrote numerous full page ads expressing his view on the issues, tens of thousands of people responded, and a presentation of "Oliver North's Slide Show" of ariel photos of what Russia was doing was attended by 1500+ in Richardson. Phil later served as a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention.

In 1994, Phil Morris assisted the Texas Department of Insurance in the investigation of Prudential Insurance Companies for ethics & regulatory violations.  This led to millions of dollars in fines and over $2.8 BILLION DOLLARS in restitution being made to Prudential Customers nationwide. Hundreds of Prudential Agents & Managers ultimately left the company.

In 2012  Phil Morris contacted ADT / TYCO regarding improper, unethical activities in a Texas Office. Changes were made and many employees left the company.

In 2015, Phil Morris contacted APOLLO GLOBAL after they acquired ADT & Protection One Security Companies. Within two weeks, both companies had ceased making false and misleading advertising & other improper conduct.

In 2019, Phil Morris was contacted by hundreds of Texans who were purchasing Electricity from GRIDDY, being grossly over-charged, and were assisted in fixing problems.

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE ..... to be President Trump or General Flynn and have false allegations thrown against you because some in power don't agree with your opinion, position on issues, or are threatened and they seek to discredit and destroy you?

In the 1990's Phil Morris assisted the Texas Department of Insurance in bringing Prudential to justice resulting in fines in the millions and restitution in the billions of dollars.

In the process it became obvious that those at the TDI whose job it was to regulate the insurance companies had failed to do so. Phil asked the Texas Attorney General to investigate some of the attorneys at the TDI.  

Wouldn't you know it!! Those same TDI attorneys filed 12 fake allegations of wrongdoing against Phil. In 1999, the attorneys filed a criminal charge against Phil. From 1999 until 2003 the attorneys did all they could to delay the trial as Phil spent a fortune on his defense & was unable to work. Lost his home.

Knowing that all of the allegations were false, they were whittled down to ONE ALLEGATION.

Phil and his attorney prepared for and looked forward to trial. On the very day of the trial, in the court room in Dallas, Texas, after 4 disastrous years,  ...  The State of Texas dropped the charges. 

This kind of miscarriage of justice happens too often.

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