The Below Was Written In 1987 at a time when politics was as volatile and divided as it is today in 2020. The Left / Right issues are still the same: Patriotism, Nationhood, Morality, Faith, Ethics, Liberty, and more.

Career Resume'

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Business Builder - Job Creator - Trainer - Sales/Marketing - Innovator in Multiple Industries - Consultant - Lecturer - Coach

Licensed for Life/Health/Disability Insurance and Property & Casualty Insurance for 25+ Yrs

Multi-Line Insurance Agency/Owner for 25+ Years

NASD Series 6 License

Security System Sales & Installation Licenses with 20 Years Experience

Security Company Owner / Texas Certified Qualified Manager Licenses / Security Consultant License

Retail Energy / Deregulated Energy Experience Since 2001

Owner of an Energy Brokerage Company Since 2004

Qualified / Certified Member of AMERICAN MENSA / QUALIFIED AT AGE 19

Elected Delegate to the Texas Republican Convention

6 Years Serving In The United States Marine Corp - 2 Years Active - Vietnam. 

80% Disabled Veteran due to a Leg Injury in Vietnam and Exposure to Agent Orange while Serving in Vietnam . 

Father 22 years USAF. Sister US Navy. Daughter US Navy

Attended Texas Wesleyan University - Fort Worth, Texas

Attended UT Arlington - Arlington, Texas

Graduated from L.D. Bell High School, Hurst, TX

Attended Del Norte High School, Albuquerque, NM

Lived in: USA, England, Libya, Vietnam, Guam, TX, NM, WV, FL, NB, KS, IL, MO, MS, CA. Visited most states.

College Level Training in Business, Accounting, Economics, Psychology, Insurance, Security, Investments, Energy.

Early jobs:

Mowed lawns starting in the 1st grade.

Paper Route in the 5th & 6th grades.

Volunteer Coach for the Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Dept. in 1964 & 1965.

Pizza Inn & Warehouse Work in High School.

Red Cross Certified Life Guard in H.S.


What greater value could the Alumni have to their school than by sharing, through 20/20 hindsight, how they attained some of the goals being sought by current students? The invaluable example set by teachers and coaches. The role of failure in attaining success. The truth in that it is "better to give than to receive." "Lean not on your own understanding" - there are always others to learn from.  "To whom much is given, much is required" - talents, wisdom, experience are all to be shared. The role of ones' Faith in how we consistently live our lives relative to ethics, honesty, integrity, patriotism, selflessness. As Alumni we strive to be more giving of our experiences, time, and resources.

Undoubtedly we all have life experiences that for some reason stick with us for a lifetime. Mine was a brief 18 months spent at Del Norte High School in Albuquerque NM. My dad had just retired from the US Air Force after 22 years of service. We moved to Albuquerque in 1964 thinking we were finally settling down some place after traveling the world and nation all my life. I had played baseball for many years and had wrestled in the 8th and 9th grades in Nebraska.

I passed through NM in August 2020 and stopped by the DNHS. The school was new in 1964 when I attended and all that has not been torn down & replaced is the old gym. I recalled being able to play for the very first Varsity Baseball & Wrestling Teams as well as being a Charter Member of the Lettermen's Club. When I attended the first meeting relative to wrestling I learned that none of the other students had wrestled before and none of the coaches had previously coached wrestling. We were to have a full varsity schedule with the other area schools. DNHS had no Seniors in its' first year.

I wasn't able to enter the building due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 but met with a couple current Administrators, who had also attended DNHS, and I was able to share some of the forgotten stories of DNHS. The Fountain .... the Fire .... the hard to find Turquoise color .... ZERO GRASS on the campus .... the dirt parking lot .... the unfinished gym .... serving as alternate for the Student Council after being defeated by Linda Riddle ....  the pitchers mound I pitched on in 1965 .... the wrestling room in the gym .... being the first DNHS Wrestler to  not lose (tied) a match in our newly finished gym .... being one of the first four DNHS athletes to compete in a State Championship.

But most of all were the memories of coaches, teachers, administrators, and students that life was shared with, and molded by, during that brief time. Coaches Wyett McGinnis (also my drivers education instructor and he later established McGinnis Driving Schools throughout NM) & Jerry Nesbitt (when I got to USMC Boot Camp I had a Drill Instructor who could have been Nesbitt's twin), Hurbert Dickson,  John Hoback, and Joseph Jagunich, who contributed a lot to preparing me physically, mentally, and spiritually for life, military service, business / career, further education, & service to others & community by coaching youth myself in baseball, soccer, and more for over 20 years.  Improvise, Persevere, and Overcome - while maintaining Honesty, Character,  Patriotism, and Integrity. 

My first volunteer coaching job was assisting in running a day camp for the Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Department at Grisham park just south of Comanche Rd in the summers of 1964 and 1965. I lived on Comanche Rd just north of McKinley Jr. High.  I walked East toward DNHS many mornings with a great view of the mountains - sometimes having been snowed upon during the night. At USMC Boot Camp in 1969, I ran into Eddie Sedillo who  was a team-mate in baseball at DNHS. 

Yet with all the great memories come some we wish we had not experienced. That is where our Faith in God sustains us and allows us to continue to grow and prosper. Sharing our experiences and faith allows us to helps others like those who touched our lives in our pasts helped us. "The Anchor Holds" is a favorite song of mine. Singing is another love of my life. (HEAR)

"Semper Fi" to Del Norte.  

Suggestion:                 Thank them in remembrance ... and along the way.

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Updated 09/14/2020

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Coached youth sports for many years.

Excelled at baseball and wrestling.

Patriotism, Loyalty, Military Service