NOTE: Chapter 4 of the book is about Corruption in the Insurance, Security, and Energy industries is Texas . . .  the three sectors the Editor / Author has worked in, and is or has been a licensed expert in, over the past 25+ years. "Ameritianity" agreed with our backers that the fair thing to do is to give each company involved the opportunity to respond, make amends, and agree to improve on their business ethics and compliance. Chapter 4 and the list of Book Chapters and Sub-Chapters will not be posted here until that process has been completed. 

The opportunity to respond and take corrective action ends on January 7, 2019.

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Coming Soon - The Book

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"We believe that the Moral and Ethical decline that has affected Government and Business is a result of the failure of Believers in God to take a stand, become involved, and retake America for the vast majority of Americans who DO NOT support the anti-American, Globalist, Godless, Communist, Socialist, Humanists who are embedded in our Government, Education, Church, and the Press. We seek to do our small part. Please join us and let's see what we can accomplish.


'Freedom of Religion' does not mean to allow people into America who seek to use this freedom to destroy 'Freedom of Religion' by people of a 'Religion' who themselves do not believe in or practice 'Freedom of Religion.' 

'Free Market Capitalism' does not mean to do business with Nations that seek to destroy 'Free Market Capitalism' as we support their failed Communist / Socialist System. 

'Slavery' was not Abolished in America so that business would then Export America's Jobs to other nations operating under other economic systems which use essentially 'Slave Labor" to undercut America's Economy.

'Separation of Church & State' as presented by Thomas Jefferson was for the purpose of NOT having a single CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION become the official DENOMINATION of America, NOT for the purpose of destroying or lessening the impact of the Christian Foundation upon which America is established."        Phil Morris    (Bio)

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Comment to Ameritianity: I like coming to this site and reading the comments The evil people need to stay away if they do not want to read the truth. I did not vote for Obama. I thought he was not for America. Now we know he is not for America. Keep this good work going we need this. Gives us hope. May God Bless, AND BLESS our country that we once knew. Your Name: Betty 09/11/2009

I don't like the negative comments posted, as I'm sure many of the Christians that come to this website for information...this website uplifts people. Plenty of negative comments are posted on all other websites; in fact foul language and disgusting innuendos about Pres. Bush, Sarah Palin etc. are posted all day long. We know there are people out there that do NOT want to know the truth, until of course it is too late. The people visiting this website find comfort knowing that some way, somehow America will get back on the right track; and believe me those that voted for this government have learned a big time lesson, never again will they be fooled by another candidate telling them "sweet little lies". If the people visiting this website don't like it, they can go back to the other websites that fill their void with Michael Jackson, and things that have nothing to do with what is really going on with this administration!!! One thing that they don't get on the other website, and that is an education; they will always stay simple minded. I also think that a lot of folks out there know what is really going on, but since they voted for Obama they must defend him, lest they too look like fools!!!! In conclusion, if you are telling the truth you do NOT need to defend yourself. 

Keep up the good work!!! God bless! Joseph S 09/08/09

Our new book, "Ameritianity," will be coming out soon. We are just waiting for a response from the Attorney General of Texas & an insurance company in order to complete Chapter 4.